October 2022

Giostra is one of the oldest events known throughout Zakynthos

The local festival “GiortesRokkas” features a great celebration in villages, walks, places and nature, focusing on the highest expression of musical art, theater and culture.

Their own branded delicatessens Makris Market, Enino, Mpakaliko and CORE are your chance to take the flavours of Greece back home with you!

Have you ever visited Knossos and the great heritage of ancient Minoans?

At the Domes Zeen Chania Jungle Spa, the whole experience has more than wellness to offer to its guests.

Domes’ culture of soulful hospitality and elegance

Domes Aulūs Zante is the ideal romantic wedding destination to celebrate your special day

Green Gym at the Domes Miramare inspires you to exercise in style and boost your energy under the Corfiot sky.

Don’t forget to take time for your partner organizing a romantic holiday at Domes Aulūs Elounda.