3 Reasons Life is Suite at Domes Noruz Chania

Offering the most exclusive amenities including private pools, all of the suites at Domes Noruz Chania have something truly special and unique to offer. Ideal for guests seeking space, exclusivity and sweeping views over the endless sea, indulge in a stay at these beautiful accommodations. Designed and conceived to relax and rejuvenate, choose from our three suite type accommodations for a truly memorable holiday.



Pure Haven Sea Front with Private Pool – This suite has been designed ultimately with pure indulgence in mind. Spacious and with a ton of amenities, enjoys the views over the southern Aegean horizon whilst languishing in its award-winning interiors. Providing 55 to 75 square metres of living and sleeping space, these suites are for a two-person occupancy.

Absolute Haven Sea Front with Private Pool – Offering 85 square metres of living and sleeping space and perfect for up to four occupants, this fabulous spacious suite, both stunning in design and ambience, goes way beyond conventional accommodation. With its very own infinity plunge pool, enjoy the views and true luxury in each and every one of its amenities.



Ultimate Haven Sea front with Private Pool and Jacuzzi – Offering just over 100 square metres of living and sleeping quarters, this two-floor suite can accommodate four guests. With its lavish bathrooms, unforgettable views and the ultimate location right next to the beach, you may never want to leave the stylish environs of this fabulous suite! Indulge in a journey that has been designed to dazzle the senses…