A Look at The Design Philosophy Behind Domes Of Corfu

When assigned with the design of Domes of Corfu, Makridis Associates Architecture office’s most important goal was ultimately harmonising the design with the location, achieved by connecting with history, architecture and tradition, albeit through a modern look or lens. Elements such as arches, arcades, balconies and patios are featured throughout while the local colour palette is showcased through ceramic and earthy tones in various tones. Other characteristic details include terracotta tiles used for both indoor and outdoor flooring purposes, while patterns, textures on surfaces and fabrics, rough materials and handmade furniture pieces create a specific “mosaic” complemented by endemic flora specific to the island and atmospheric lighting. Other elements such as natural paint as well as oxidized surfaces on facades combined to create atmospheric, familiar and welcoming spaces providing guests with a sense of oneness with the property. Also drawing on experiences, other stimuli from the island as well as the myth of Homer that vividly describes Odysseus’ visit to the magical land of the Phaeacians, Domes of Corfu promises guests their very own journey into what makes the island of Corfu so very special and unique.