Are you Ready for the Phaex Festival 2023?

Phaex Festival is bringing together electronic music culture and historical locations in one forward thinking annual celebration, hosted in the northwestern frontier of Greece, Ionian Sea.


As modern Phaeacians famous since ancient times as peaceful people who abhorred war, hardworking and cheerful, with love for life, joy, and dance we present you our version of the Phaecian concept that will unite people from different corners of the globe under a message of freedom.

The power of electronic music has the ability to travel the mind and could be compared to the legendary ships of the Phaeacians which without oars and rudder but with a human mind and perception, crossed the sea like wings, endowed with this characteristic of the Olympian god Poseidon.


A new festival is being born, here at Corfu.

Representing the message of music and unity, along with the return to the real form of entertainment and with an aura of freedom, the festival combines the cultural heritage of Corfu, the temperament of the locals along with visitors from all over the world. All the above are played to the sound of favourite international electronic music artists as well as Greek DJs in magical locations, along with interesting activities, seminars, conferences in the light of experience-based entertainment.