Beaches That Will Surprise You!

They say in Crete you can find beaches so exotic that you don’t need to travel anywhere else in the world.

Part of the Natura 2000 Network, Gramvousa, the island of pirates, and the Balos lagoon at the northwest of the Chania Prefecture carry you away to the Caribbean. Why? Because, both of them are famous for their golden sand, shallow sapphire waters and millions of tiny pink shells. You can access the area by road up to a point, and then walk!  But, don’t forget to take all necessary measures to protect yourselves from the sun.



In addition to this, you can also reach paradise by boat from Kissamos. At Gramvousa you can take the barren paths to the top of the hill in order to visit the castle. From there you can also enjoy the amazing views over Kythira and Mount Taygetus. Then, the boat will take you to Balos, where you will go ashore with smaller boats.

At the southwest of the same prefecture, the idyllic scenery continues on to Elafonisi. You can easily get here by car to take in its beauty.

For other fans of Crete, paradise lies at Gavdos, Europe’s southernmost point. This is a triangular, 30-square-km island, 32 nautical miles from Paliohora and 22 from Hora Sfakion. There, be ready for pearly beaches and cedars reaching all the way to the seaside. The beaches of Sarakiniko and Aghiannis beckon from sunrise to sunset; the interior, wildly beautiful part of the island and the harder-to-reach beaches are equally attractive.

Northeast of Chania, near Akrotiri, the beach of Stefanos, close to the Seitan Limania area, has many devoted fans. Three parallel, oblong bays form beaches sheltered by the waves, the northernmost one with deep blue waters, pebbles, sand and marble rocks towering to the left and right. The area is accessed by car, with a small hike down from the parking spot.

Missing already summertime?