Behind the Cuisine of Enino Gastronomy Restaurant

A six-dish dive into the ingenuity and zest of Crete’s food. Arrived in 2020, Enino Gastronomy Restaurant at Domes Zeen Chania offers a wine themed fine-dining menu, served against a backdrop of remarkable seascapes.



Be it sunset, twilight or starlit night, Enino Gastronomy Restaurant is filled with the buzz of smiling diners clinking their glasses and toasting to moments of pure bliss. The appetising aromas of expertly prepared, inspired dishes finding their way to the tables heighten your anticipation. You look at the menu, and the culinary genius of the chef’s team starts to reveal itself. Once you’ve been served and the explosion of flavours hits your taste buds, everything is much clearer. Only the finest, freshest of ingredients are granted entry here, with the experienced team of chefs benefitting from the Domes Resorts & Reserves time-honoured relationships with local producers.

Enjoy creative Greek, Cretan and Mediterranean fare with a twist from the hands of expert chefs, whose attention to detail will take your breath away. Additionally, we boast a wide range of the finest wines. Select among local up-and-coming producers and international iconic vintages to accompany and elevate the six-dish menu dining experience.



Enino Gastronomy Restaurant at Domes Zeen Chania is operating only for selected days during the week, featuring Degustation Dinners, Local Product, Tastings and Retail Options.