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Part of Corfu’s beauty lies in its secret treasures: A turn in the road can open up vistas of rolling hills, vertiginous villages and the bluest waters you’ve ever seen.

Corfu Glyfada in the western coast of the island right opposite Italy is a magnet for the Ionian travelers.

There's so much more to Corfu than meets the eye; dig a little deeper and you will uncover one of Greece’s most lush and verdant islands that was almost made

Ethereal in its beauty and a cradle of culture and knowledge

A veritable galaxy of stars and celebs have visited Corfu and fallen in love with it.

Often referred to by the Greeks themselves as Greece’s most beautiful island, Corfu offers visitors a seductive myriad of distinct attractions to marvel at.

Imbued with grace and elegance, historic Corfu Town (also known as Kerkyra) is found in the middle of the island’s east coast.