Domes of Elounda

Make unforgettable memories this summer with your loved one at the Domes of Elounda

The new complex consists of the Core Residences and the Core Open Plan Suites, all emerging from the landscape and fully aligned with the unique domes architecture.

Welcome to a realm of refined luxury inside Domes of Elounda’s 98 Suites, 20 Core Residences, 8 Private residences, and 4 Luxury Domes Villas.

Sun-kissed, incredibly spacious and overwhelmingly luxurious, welcome to the wonderful world of our incredible villas.

Our brand-new Core Complex completed in 2021 offers 40 brand new Core two and three bedroom Residences along with Core Open Plan Suites featuring original Cretan stone touches that soothe

Authentic, distinguished Mediterranean luxury