Art & Culture

The dance festival "Dance Days Chania" will be held from July 22nd till August 2nd 2023

The Corfu Museum of Asian Art is the only museum in Greece dedicated exclusively to the arts and culture of Asian countries

The Museum, designed by architect Theofanis Bobotis and partners.

Phaex Festival is bringing together electronic music culture and historical location

The local festival “GiortesRokkas” features a great celebration in villages, walks, places and nature, focusing on the highest expression of musical art, theater and culture.

Have you ever visited Knossos and the great heritage of ancient Minoans?

Ζorba the Greek, Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis' most popular and enduring work is one of the greatest life-affirming novels of our time.

Listening to the sound of the waves and the sea calling for moments of excitement, surf lovers accompany their boards on the water of Algarve beaches. The ritual following that

Nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award in 2022, the Capodistrias Museum tells the story of the first Governor of Greece.