Cheers to Corfu Beer

Did you know that Corfu offers you the chance to visit a unique microbrewery?

Ten different varieties of local beer, including IPA and ale, are made in the microbrewery of Corfu Beer. Right outside Arillas, in the north part of the island of Corfu, Corfu Beer is not just the top local provider of ales and IPAs, but also a great chance to learn more about the world of brewing.


The History

Corfu brewery was founded in 2006 in Corfu. It aims to invest in innovative products giving value and pride to its fellow citizens and their unique hospitality through the proposals given by visitors of the island. The founders of the brewery Spyros Kaloudis and his son Thanasis laid the foundations of the company’s values and began to write the history of Corfu beer. A very unique, fresh beer with a short shelf life found exclusively in refrigerators with a production date so that the consumer can see when it was produced and not only when it expires. Passionate supporters of fresh beer, the founders believe that all Corfu Beers are fresh products. Thus, they have not undergone pasteurization, or stabilization and a large part of them is unfiltered. That’s the significant difference they have with industrial beers.

Live the Experience

A comprehensive 90-minute tour will take you through the entire process, from the selection of the hops all the way to bottling, also treating you to fantastic ginger ale and letting you taste the products in a guided session. Made with love and care, these drinks are also available to buy alongside merchandise at the gift shop. This is where you can find the entire product range along with branded souvenirs -from t-shirts to beer glasses etc.