Corfu’s Secret Beauty

Part of Corfu’s beauty lies in its secret treasures: A turn in the road can open up vistas of rolling hills, vertiginous villages and the bluest waters you’ve ever seen. From the turquoise waters and layered rocks of Canal d’ Amour to long stretches of sandy beach, Corfu has been blessed with immense natural beauty.



Additionally, Corfu features a never ending list of beauty spots, amazing beaches, hidden caves, towering green hills and much more, Corfu’s coastline takes your breath away. There’s so much more to Corfu than meets the eye; dig a little deeper and you will uncover one of Greece’s most lush and verdant islands that was almost made for hiking enthusiasts (there are marked trails everywhere you look).

Moreover, discover strikingly sculpted cliffs that plunge down towards the sea, some bare and others covered in greenery, hilltop monasteries and castles offering eye-wateringly beautiful sea views. And, also, mountains, paradise-like beaches and coves, and ancient olive groves…

Incredibly green, Corfu owes its sensational natural beauty to the winter rains, the relatively temperate summer temperatures and its fertile soil. Out of season (April, May and June), Corfu offers superb walking opportunities when the island is literally covered in a blanket of impossibly pretty wildflowers.

Various international treaties that have conferred a special preservation status on parts of the island mean that much of it is safeguarded from any development taking place.  For instance, such areas include Lake Korission with its immaculately preserved cedar forest, the beautiful Lagoon of Antiniotis, as well as the enchanting Erimitis region, known for its dense vegetation, stunning lakes and secluded beaches.