Crete: Freedom Is Just an Anchor Away

Enjoy traveling in style and comfort, while relaxing. An amazing day in paradise is waiting for you.

IS THERE A BETTER way to explore the hidden treasures of an island than by sea? A chance for you to experience summer like never before lies in your hands and it’s up to you to take it. Jump on board and discover the mesmerizing and breathtaking views that will unravel as you sail your way through the island. Get a chance to come one step closer to Crete’s marine wildlife, take a dip into the crystal-clear waters of the many remote beaches waiting for you. Don’t lose the opportunity to take part in one in a lifetime activities like snorkeling through rare astounding waters and swimming alongside dolphins, turtles and many other sea creatures. Give a signature of excellence on your own trip by sailing across the island on a memorable experience. Take a look at some of our favorite boat trips!



Sandy beaches and clear emerald waters, ideal for total relax under the sun.


  • Marathi– Seitan Limani – Kamares – Ombrosgialos – Marathi

A full day trip offering you a chance to explore the hidden natural beauties along Apokorona’s cast line, east of Chania. Get ready for refreshing dives, underwater adventures and a variety of marine wildlife.


  • Chania – Macherida – Tersanas – Agios Onoufrios – Chania

A half day long beach hopping between 3 of the most secluded, beautiful beaches on the Akrotiri peninsula. Jump in the crystal waters of Macherida, Tersanas and Agios Onoufrios beaches.


  • Chania – Katholiko – Seitan Limani – Marathi – Macherida –Chania

Explore Akrotiri’s beaches and swim along the sandy beaches of northeast Chania. Relax and enjoy a trip around unique sights including the beach of Stavros well-known from the film “Zorba the Greek”.


  • Chania – Thodorou – Lazaretta – Macherida – Chania

From the old harbor of Chania a half day trip is waiting to fill you with incredible memories of unique stops and mesmerizing activities, like snorkeling in the rock-pools of Lazaretta island.


  • Chania – Gramvoussa – Balos – Menies – Thodorou – Chania

Refreshing dips along the pink-white sand beaches and ancient sights and a chance to get a glimpse of Crete’s wildlife are waiting for you in this full day trip around the northwest tip of Crete.


  • Chania – Menies – Chironisia – Thodorou – Lazaretta – Chania

Discover the hidden beauties of the coastline close to Chania by sailing your way through the amazing beaches and historical islands and diving into their crystal clear waters.


  • Sfakia – Marmara – Loutro – Sfakia

Jump on board to get your own glimpse at the unique turquoise waters of the beach of Marmara and the secluded fishing village of Loutro, only accessible by sea.


  • Sfakia – Domata – Agios Pavlos – Marmara – Loutro – Sweet Water – Sfakia

Sail away to destinations mostly accessible by water and take in their outstanding views and the relaxing sandy remote beaches waiting for you along southwest Crete.


  • Sfakia – Gavdos (Potamos, Tripiti, Karave, Agios Ioannis) – Sfakia

Offering you some of the most remote landscapes in West Crete, this trip is offering you an opportunity you can’t miss. Dive into the magical beauty and the purity of the nature unfolding before your eyes.