Discover A Beautiful New World of Mixology at Sora Beach

Sora Beach thrives for transforming your days and nights at the beach, offering not only top-tier hospitality, but the most relaxing vibes, as well.

Here you will feel relaxed, clearing your mind, while the perfect lounge music plays in the background. The Sora experience thrives for those picture-perfect moments, the soulful service, and the sweet sentiment of unwinding.



Sora smoothly transforms from day to night, engulfing guests in a rich tapestry of places where modern architecture meets nature for an intimate or joyous experience. A rich dinner menu is offered, as well as a craft cocktail menu with distinctive and traditional cocktails for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Sora‘s offerings vary from all-time classics such as the Margarita, but also includes a range of originals that showcase local seasonal ingredients, unique spirits, and fresh herbs from the Algarvian region. Our expert bartenders take pride in delivering the premium quality and care for our cocktails as our chef’s team does for each dish.