Discover Bioporos Organic Farm, Corfu!

As part of our hospitality experience, at Domes Miramare we handpick activities to provide bespoke itineraries where you, our guests, have the opportunity to experience truly authentic adventures during your stay on the incredible island of Corfu.

For guests seeking an ecotourism activity, Bioporos is an organic farm and a fascinating destination in its own right. Spread across a 70 acre olive grove, the farm is located in close proximity to the island’s Korission Lake, an incredible lagoon located on the southwest part of the island, covering an area of approximately 5,000 acres. Placed under the protection of Natura 2000 due to its plethora of endemic and migratory birds, rare flora and rich fauna, the lagoon is separated from the Ionian sea by impressive sand dunes.



Set against such an impressive naturally rich and diverse natural backdrop, Domes Miramare can organize excursions to the organic farm which offers visitors seeking to connect with nature a myriad of activities, seminars and experiences.

These range from dining at the island’s only organic-exclusive restaurant – where its ingredients (from olive oil to honey and eggs) are exclusively produced – and choosing between traditional Corfiot and Greek dishes, some of whose origins date back to antiquity!

Then there are the numerous seminars and activities which range from cooking classes, to making natural soaps, birdwatching on the lake, beekeeping, farming activities as well as hiking around the beautiful lake. So, if you’re looking to get close to nature and see rare species of flora and fauna up close on the wetlands of Korission Lake and engaging in rural activities for a day, this is an experience that really shouldn’t be missed!