Discover Makridis’ Architectural Signature

When it came to the building of Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection, Makridis Associates were called upon to create an innovative building that was in total harmony with its natural surroundings. We caught up with the firm’s architects and partners, namely Thodoris Makridis and Eleanna Makridou to discuss more about their design approach and the strong influence of Corfu’s architectural language.



Can you describe to us a little about the design philosophy behind Domes of Corfu Autograph Collection?

Whenever our office receives a new brief for a project – especially when it comes to hospitality based architecture – the most important goal for our team is to harmonise our design with the location. This is achieved by creating deeper connections with history, architecture and tradition so that the work fully expresses the spirit of the place, albeit through a modern look or lens. As a result, visitors get to experience a unique experience and become one with the place.

This is exactly how we took on the Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection, with the same method, drawing experiences and stimuli from the island but also from the myth of Homer that vividly describes the visit of the traveler Odysseus to the magical land of the Phaeacians.



The Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection resort harmoniously combines local culture and tradition with a relaxed, Venetian and bohemian style. What are the pieces of the architectural puzzle that you wanted to put together?

Arches, arcades, balconies and patios are just some of the elements of the architectural vocabulary that finds its roots in the traditional architecture seen throughout the island of Corfu. Inspired by the local colour palette, all of the spaces are based on ceramic and earthy tones in various tones, since it is unquestionably the couleur local of the island. Characteristic details include the terracotta tiles that line the floors indoors and outdoors, unifying the interior with the exterior. Patterns, textures on surfaces and fabrics, rough materials and handmade furniture combine to create a unique “mosaic” completed by the island’s endemic flora and atmospheric lighting.


Was the Glyfada area on the island of Corfu suitable for hosting Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection in terms of design? What were the elements of the coastal area that you relied on and wanted to highlight?

The unquestionably mythical landscape is characterized by a magical naturalness as well as strong contrasts that are however perfectly harmonized with each other, elements that were a source for a creative dialogue between the building and its surrounding environment. in which it is recorded. The shade and texture of the sand led us to natural dyes and materials. The exotic landscape is also seen through the thick vegetation, which grows inside the buildings in the central atriums.



How was the balance kept intact with the external environment?

The spaces were redesigned so that they open out on to the central atriums that form the core of the main building. Such an architectural gesture which looks outdoors ensures permeability. At the same time, the boundaries of the interior with the exterior become blurred and fluid due to the transitional covered semi-outdoor spaces and the galleries with the large frames. These transitional spaces give rise to a dialogue between man and nature, while at the same time offering him or her a sense of intimacy, due to their human scale.



What is the signature element that you believe sums up your signature as Makridis Associates at Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection?

The warm color of the Corfiot palette that dominates in all areas, in combination with all the local architectural elements, are undoubtedly the factors that determine the authentic physiognomy of the project. We find it in different qualities throughout the hotel, through the natural paint, terracotta tiles, and the oxidized surfaces of the facades, it creates atmospheric spaces that are familiar and welcoming.


The Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection resort harmoniously combines local culture and tradition with a relaxed, Venetian and bohemian style.