Discover the Breathtaking Gorges of Crete!

Did you know that mountains and breathtaking gorges in the island of Crete create a landscape diverse and stunning? Especially, the Cretan gorges split the earth in half and amaze with their natural beauty.

First of all, the Arvi Gorge, along with that of Ha, is a small miracle in itself. It is located in Heraklion Prefecture, near Keratokambos and it requires canyoning equipment to cross, since it forms a cascade. About mid-route, the 85-meter-high waterfall called Kapnistis (the Smoker) sprays water as thinly as smoke!



At the end of the gorge, the fertile valley of Arvi with its famous banana groves rewards those who undertake its crossing. Southeast of Sitia, the gorge of Nekron (the Dead) or Zakros includes a lovely route lined with caves and ending at Kato Zakros with its magnificent waters.

Another interesting gorge is that of Trypiti in Heraklion, named after the church of Panaghia Trypiti which is built in one of its caves. Part of the route to Trypiti goes through Asterousia Mountains, Crete’s Far West.

Finally, the Samaria Gorge, one of the best known on the island, attracts most visitors who want to reach the Libyan Sea while enjoying the rich flora and fauna. Moreover, the Samaria gorge is the longest in Europe, with total length 16km, and one of the most impressive gorges in Greece. It starts from Xylóskalo, at an altitude of 1,230m. The width of the gorge is 150m at its widest point and 3m at its narrowest. Take the hike amongst natural beauty and spot endangered species like the Cretan goat Kri Kri.



Don’t miss the chance to discover them all! Domes expert’s team is there to guide you to a gorge near you. Just put your hiking shoes and get ready to live another stunning adventure.