Discover Your Neema This Summer and Set Yourself Free

When one thinks about a Greek island summer vacation, dozens of images instantly come to mind. Natural beauty, stunning sandy beaches, crystalline waters, the warm rays of the sun…  But Greek summer living is more than just the sum of its images, it’s also a feeling that is intertwined with the hospitality of the Greek people, its culture, overwhelmingly significant Ancient and modern history, and its traditions that are evident even today. Encapsulating everything that is carefree and inspiring, everything that the Greek islands stand for during the summer months, Neema ResortWear invites you on a journey of self-care and renewal. More than just a boutique, Neema ResortWear’s one-of-a-kind summer selection expresses true Mediterranean style with curated collections of idyllic light and flowing clothing handcrafted from organic cottons, delicate silks and fragrant linens. Discover a whole new you as you surrender to the soft caressing Mediterranean breeze and the laid-back luxurious lifestyle of the Domes Resorts.