Domes Lake Algarve’s Wine List

An integral part of your dining experience at Domes Lake Algarve is their wine list. Acclaimed must-haves and classics, Portuguese, Greek, and international iconic vintages as well as handcrafted wines from passionate up-and-coming producers that you might not find elsewhere all go through select vetting rituals before making it into our private cellar.

The list is progressive and well-matched to Domes’ cuisine.


Situated in a privileged region, with Spain and France on the one hand and the Mediterranean on the other, there is a huge range of microclimates producing a great variety of grapes for us to choose from. Domes Wine Experts are always there to help with wine pairing depending on your mood, your companions and what you are eating. And of course, they love sharing their new finds with guests through wine tasting onsite or with excursions to vineyards in the countryside to taste the rich cuisine of the Algarve as well as its sweet wines and spirits like the aromatic Dom Rodrigo.