Domes Miramare Offers You Unforgettable Experiences

From traditional Greek coffee making, olive oil harvesting, farming, fishing and live classical music, discover a series of wonderful memorable experiences. 

The exquisite DOMES MIRAMARE, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu is blessed with its own private beach, boasting crystal-clear shallow waters in kaleidoscopic shades of azure, turquoise and blue. Adding to this spectacular natural scenery is a wealth of opportunity for relaxation, adventure and excitement. From floating sofas and sun loungers to bask in the sun in style to speed craft Mas 28 Elegance and the luxurious Miramaretta motorboat, all the way through to beach sports, seaside-training sessions, SUP rides, wakeboarding and more, you’re in charge of your beach experience, taking your picks from popular as well as niche options. What’s more, a handful of unforgettable experiences especially designed for you which have a strong focus on the traditions and food industry of the island of Corfu.



The elegant setting of Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu can be your starting point for a rare, one-of-a- kind culinary experience focused on everything that’s local, fresh and delicious. Be Epicurean is a signature program by The Luxury Collection that takes you off-site for an authentic look into how the people of Corfu eat – and how their incredibly rich gastronomic heritage came to be. The Daily Epicurean Moment experience will take place every evening in the hotel’s welcoming lobby where we will serve delicious must-try local sweets together with a Greek coffee, prepared live the old fashioned way, using very finely ground coffee beans, served at the traditional hammered Copper Serving Tray. The fresh sweet creations will be made by our pastry chef and will include traditional sweets that you can find only in Corfu such as Mandolato, sesame bars with Kumquats, which is a local fruit that tastes like tangerine, Marzipan/crushed almond sweets, and Sicomada, a kind of cake prepared with dried figs, almonds, orange skin, pepper, cinnamon, wine and Ouzo. Our Weekly Epicurean Moment experience will provide guests with an insight into the history of olive oil and the old Venetian groves at Miramare that date back to 1400-1500. Led by The Governor, a family of local olive oil experts, this event will be held in a wonderful Mediterranean setting with spectacular sea views, providing guests with the opportunity to learn about the various stages of olive oil harvesting, processing and extracting, as well as the opportunity to taste fine extra virgin and flavored olive oils accompanied by delicious tapas. As for the Epicurean Journeys, from growing ingredients to techniques passed down from generation to generation and cooking from the heart, they are a fantastic option for those who take pleasure in flavour-some, authentic food.

Corfu has many faces, and Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu can introduce you to the most fascinating ones.

Mysterious and inviting, the Ionian Sea surrounding the magnificent island of Corfu has captured the imagination of travellers through the ages. If you feel like getting on board a luxurious boat to marvel at the sight of Corfu from a different perspective, the resort’s own Miramaretta is just the right choice. You’ll be exploring the coastline and landmarks such as the regal Mon Repo from your privileged spot on the deck while sipping lush champagne and taking picture after picture. 



Visit one of Corfu’s most acclaimed olive groves to discover the secrets behind making a premium, award-winning olive oil: the Dafnis Family’s acclaimed The Governor EVOO. Taking a guided tour of the olive grove and mill, you’ll learn about olive trees and the history of olive making. Of course, you’ll also enjoy a special olive oil seminar and tasting session to sample some of the estate’s finest products and learn how to recognise premium olive oil. You’ll also receive a certificate of participation and have the chance to adopt or sponsor a Corfiot olive tree! 

Discover the kumquat, Corfu’s signature fruit. This diminutive orange lookalike is delightfully zingy and delicious, exploding with bright, contrasting flavours. Visiting the Lazaris Distillery and Artisan Sweets facility, you’ll tour the exhibition area -complete with antique machinery and audiovisual exhibits- to learn about the tradition and heritage of producing kumquat liqueurs and sweets and enjoy a complimentary tasting of Lazaris products. 



Step back through time and enjoy a unique cultural experience at the family-owned Patounis Soap Manufactory. You’ll tour the workshop, witness traditional soapmaking using authentic 19th century tools and equipment, and learn about the centuries-old techniques the family still uses to make their completely natural -and naturally vegan!- artisanal soaps. The workshop has been a listed monument of industrial heritage since 2008 and their soapmaking techniques are inscribed in the National Inventory of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece since 2017. 

Wellness morning by the sea at the Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, Corfu.

Guided walking tours are a fantastic way to experience new places- and even rediscover the magic of places you’ve visited before! Wandering through the Old City of Corfu, you’ll visit the Venetian forts and the old palace, stroll along the Liston and Spianada, and explore its picturesque alleyways and numerous monuments. Taking in the island’s inimitable cosmopolitan character, you’ll discover its fascinating stories and secrets, as knowledgeable multilingual tour guides bring the sites to life through historical accounts, interesting facts and fun anecdotes.

Built for Empress Sisi of Austria, inspired by Greek mythology and designed to suggest an ancient palace, the Achilleion summer palace dances on the intersection of myth and empire, perfectly capturing the magic and opulence of 19th century Corfu. Enjoy a tour of the palace and gardens, home to the famed sculpture of Dying Achilles, to witness the splendour of that bygone era.

Corfu might now be known for its wine… but it should be! Visit some of the island’s best wineries to discover the island’s age-old viticulture traditions and sample a selection of wonderful wines made from local as well as international grape varieties. 



Enjoy an unforgettable cooking lesson at a traditional vineyard, nestled in the hills outside Corfu Town. In this breathtaking setting, you’ll learn about the vineyard’s history, discover the importance of local ingredients in Corfu’s culinary traditions, and try your hand at some favourite local recipes and traditional techniques. You’ll also enjoy the opportunity to sample local delicacies and enjoy a full five-course meal and authentic local wine. The opportunities here are endless. Talk to our concierge team to find out more! 

What better way to experience an island than by sea? From adventurous motorboat excursions to romantic evenings on a sailing boat and fabulous cruises aboard a luxury yacht, a boat tour is guaranteed to give you a unique perspective of the island’s beauty and its many hidden treasures. Talk to our concierge team to find out more about all the fantastic possibilities available to you.