Domes of Corfu History-Based Experiences

Discover the wonders of Corfu with local culture and history-based bespoke experiences that uncover the island’s ethereal beauty and diversity. 

Immerse yourself in myths and magic as you discover the wealth of beauty, tradition and culture that the island of Corfu is synonymous with. Viewed as perhaps the most beautiful of all the Greek islands, allow Domes of Corfu Autograph Collection to take you on a fascinating journey with its incredible range of bespoke experiences and extraordinary tours. 



With its incredible crystal clear waters, fine sands and history and tradition, Corfu is as intriguing a destination as it is beautiful, quite rightly leading to it being viewed as the great seductress of the Mediterranean. At Domes of Corfu Autograph Collection, we invite you to make the most of your time on this beautiful island and explore its myth, history and culture with a curated selection of private experiences and astonishing tours that are sure to be memorable. 

Treat yourself to a selection of exclusive wine and oil tasting experiences and enjoy the opportunity to sample some of the best wines and olives oils from the island’s renowned wineries and ancient olive groves. Learn about Corfu’s grape varieties, discover the history of Greece’s outstanding products, and savour the wonderful time-honoured flavours of the Corfu. 



Alternatively, join a pottery workshop to uncover the traditional techniques that Corfiots and Greeks have been using for millennia. Domes of Corfu Autograph Collection also offers many island hopping trips so that you can discover picture perfect beaches in the mythical beauty of the Ionian Sea. From charming villages to gorgeous secluded coves that are entirely inaccessible by land, you decide what you want and we make it happen. 

Discover the magic and splendour of Corfu with this selection of carefully curated tours and experiences.

Take a walk on the unknown side of Corfu

Thessaloniki Walking Tours create memorable and genuine experiences in Corfu. Experts guides help you discover this island through history. Learn all about the great empires and civilizations that have passed from here leaving their stamp, and influencing the soul of Corfu. History, art, architecture, flavors and aromas are the very stepping-stones of an up close and personal experience of the city that offers the unique opportunity to the visitors to get familiar with its complex identity, its people and their habits. It’s all there for you to discover and find out more about: 

7 amazing walking tours for those who do not want to miss out on the important sights of Corfu’s rich history. Get to know the best-kept secret spots where all the locals go to enjoy the soul of their beloved island. Our signature tours are: 1. The British Empire Tour, 2. La Seranissima Tour, 3. Made of Lush Gardens, Ancient Memories and the Setting Sun, 4. This is Corfu, 5. Bits of history and bites of local delicacies, 6. The ancient Olive tree, the root beer and the kumquat and 7. Venetian Grace, French Finesse and many many Spices.



Finally, gain insider knowledge about Corfu’s amazing beauty brands where you will gain exclusive access to a number of artisan workshops and discover how ancient beauty rituals, pure local ingredients and traditional techniques are artfully combined with modern day, innovative approaches to create truly outstanding beauty products.