Domes of Elounda’s Chef Ilias Savvakis Welcomes Us to Blend Steakhouse

Domes of Elounda’s Chef Ilias Savvakis explains why Blend Steakhouse provides such a memorable dining experience.

What type of cuisine can guests expect at Blend and what inspired the concept behind it?

It’s Modern Mediterranean Cuisine, which combines high quality cuts of meat, pasta and seafood, as well as dishes that are cooked and then finished in our JOSPER charcoal oven. The inspiration comes from authentic flavors and recipes, based on the experience I have gained during my career, both in Greece and in England.


Quality meets Creativity

What do you think are the top two dishes at Blend, and what makes them stand out?

I would say the Salmon Gravlax and the Lamb. The Salmon because it is marinated with beetroot, salt, sugar and citrus and combines the land and the sea. As for the Lamb, it is slowly simmered for 12 hours, and served with a smoked eggplant puree and a yogurt mousse.

What are the special techniques and ingredients that diners visiting Blend can expect?

Vacuum cooking and premium ingredients, which we source ourselves and then go on to perfect on the plate. Particular attention is paid to the textures, but also to the different flavors that are harmoniously combined, thanks to the chefs’ know-how.

Exceptional Raw Materials

What would a foodie love about Blend and what would make them revisit?

The special aroma and the taste of the charcoal will definitely stand out. The selection of good ingredients and the fact that all of our fresh ingredients are always selected based on their seasonality, are just some of the reasons that diners will want to return for another highly gastronomic experience.

And last but not least, Blend’s pastry chef outlines the reliance on “blended flavors” using local products but without sticking to the classic recipes in desserts inspired by global cuisines using the most modern techniques to create signature desserts such as the “tropical yoghurt” and other signature desserts with a twist.