Immerse yourself in the Domes experience during your Easter vacation

Easter traditions meet Domes hospitality

The greatest gift of Easter is hope.

Hope, arising from one of the most significant religious celebrations of Christianity around the world, could not but be part of the renaissance force that awakens every spring as a divine act of nature itself ringing the bell for renewal, and so on, an opportunity to connect with one’s inner self. Yet, such spiritual pleasure gets even more exciting when discovered in an inspiring environment of elegant architecture, natural details, and a vibing atmosphere that breathes in the aura between us and the season’s delights.

Easter Traditions – From the Lady of the Ionian Sea to the incredible Crete

Regardless of being popular summer destinations wished for worldwide, visiting some famous Greek islands during the Easter holidays is another way to unearth their most priceless surprises.

Corfu and Crete are undoubtedly at the top of a list of exclusive destinations, offering an exceptional experience of clarity, luxurious living, and stunning natural beauty. These two islands are a perfect blend of cultural heritage and natural wonders, featuring some of the most intriguing and distinct celebrations of Greek Easter. Deeply rooted in the Greek Orthodox faith, they provide a unique Easter holiday experience, a vast and open book of opportunities to create your own unforgettable memories that will leave an indelible impression on your mind and soul.

Easter holidays

An Easter experience on these two islands is a feast for the senses. The popular Easter celebration with pot-throwing from the balconies is still one of the most notable local customs of Easter, an attraction you have to attend at least once in a lifetime. During the various celebrations, every town and village on the island come alive, with music, fireworks, and religious processions occurring until late into the night. The most spiritual event is the “Epitaphios” procession on Good Friday, a solemn and moving event, where the local churches carry a decorated bier, or “Epitaphios,” through the streets, followed by mourners carrying candles. The celebrations start on Holy Saturday, with the “First Resurrection” ceremony, where thousands gather in the town square to watch the resurrection of Christ’s tomb.

As we change our scenery to the alluring Aegean, we find that Easter in Crete is more than just a religious holiday, it is a celebration of life and renewal. The island’s stunning landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality create an atmosphere of harmony and joy, making it the perfect destination for those looking to experience a truly unique and unforgettable Easter celebration. The week leading up to Easter Sunday, known as Holy Week, is filled with colorful processions and traditional customs, including painting boiled eggs red and baking sweet bread (tsoureki) on Holy Thursday, and carrying an epitaph adorned with flowers and candles on Good Friday. The processions are accompanied by hymns and psalms, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Domes experience

A Domes retreat for a perfect Easter escape

Being a part of these unique folklore festivities can create an unforgettable spiritual encounter, where you can discover the unrivaled pleasure of a Domes experience. Combining top-tier aesthetics, refined luxury, and an eclectic set of bespoke services and amenities, our hotels in Corfu, and Elounda and Chania in Crete invite you to explore a holistic approach to a contemporary lifestyle that balances modern living and cultural immersion, allowing each guest to enter a unique world of inspiration, and fulfillment.