Emerging Young Gardeners at Domes’ KiEpos Kids Club

Amidst the sun-kissed hills of Greece, the culinary customs of its people have been scientifically proven to result in the healthiest dietary patterns and the longest life expectancy. This is due to the geography and Mediterranean climate that sustain an abundance of diverse and high-quality produce, organically grown over millennia as a part of Greek culture. Domes’ commitment to cultivating eco-conscious individuals has brought forth the creation of KiEpos Kids Club, the Greek word for garden.


Sprouting across all Domes Resorts, with a focus on plants as the answer to fostering healthy eating habits and environmental responsibility, KiEpos invites little ones to cultivate and decorate their very own vegetable garden under the expert guidance of our team. This hands-on, sensory experience ignites young minds with enthusiasm and a newfound appreciation for the importance of sustainability and eco-responsibility. As they grow and water their greens, children are instilled with a sense of responsibility and the value of sharing, while learning the significance of birds and little creepy crawlies in the ecosystem.
Upon their departure, each plant will be carefully labeled with the name of the little gardener who tended to it. And in anticipation of the children’s return, photos will be shared with them, showcasing the growth and progress of their plants, a wonderful reminder of their newfound love for gardening and
the natural world. At Domes’ KiEpos, a great green world awaits, where young hearts and minds can blossom alongside the flourishing garden.