Enjoy A Mountain Village Food Tour!

Almost like a country in its own right, the island of Crete, Greece, is a fascinating destination in terms of its history, culture, traditions and last but not least, its gastronomy. On this excursion, dive into a culinary adventure quite unlike any other whilst discovering an authentic mountainous part of the island where time seems to have literally stood still.

The excursion takes place in the village of Drakona, a small village in the Keramies municipal unit, located approximately 25 km from Chania. Authentic and untouched by tourism, the small and isolated village of Drakona is known for its fertile soil and the quality of its agricultural and livestock products. The village offers visitors the perfect opportunity to meet local food producers, learn traditional food making methods and try delicacies such as organic cheeses and the locally produced honey.

The excursion which is led by our knowledgeable local guide Vasili entails the following:

  • Visiting a farm stand and stocking up on local produce and homemade cheese.
  • Having coffee at a traditional village kafenion – coffee shop, and learning how to make traditional Greek coffee using the age old technique of heating the coffee in hot sand.
  • A visit to Vasili’s bees and vineyards.
  • Wine tasting – Tasting five vintages and bottling your own wine to take back with you.



  • Lunch at the infamous Ntounias tavern in the village to enjoy a farm to-table meal made in clay pots that are cooked on an open fire – no electricity is used in any of the cooking processes.
  • A drive through the stunning Therisso Gorge.