Epicurean Take-Home Rituals

If you feel as passionately about food as Domes Resorts & Reserves do, you won’t get enough of the experiences their team has curated.

Ancient Minoan cooking workshops and classes, insight into the world-famous Mediterranean diet, excursions to local breweries and much more await. As they focus on local and seasonal to deliver the best dishes possible in their restaurants, the chefs’ team tries not to mix different cooking traditions with Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine, with the exception of their special events. However, their local producers themselves often experiment with new produce to cultivate in Crete, Corfu or Zante so they support their efforts by using their new products in our dishes.


When in their Domes Resorts & Reserves, they’ll treat you to olive oil tasting at their centurian olive grove, teach you the Greek coffee Hovoli ritual of brewing in the hot sand, and you’ll have a chance to pick up local products on-site!



Their own branded delicatessens Makris Market, Enino, Mpakaliko and CORE are your chance to take the flavours of Greece back home with you! Speak to your concierge about the latest opportunities to dive into epicurean insight and enjoyment, courtesy of Domes Resorts & Reserves. Enjoy these unique experiences with your loved ones and open up to new ideas – who knows, you may even return home inspired to embellish your own daily rituals or even create a new tradition at the family table!