GiortesRokkas in Crete

Every summer, “GiortesRokkas” in Crete tell a unique story. The story of a place that takes us on a journey of August scented events that once you experience, you can never forget.

Rokka is a semi-mountainous village, with approximately 30 permanent residents, in western Crete. In the archaeological region of Rokka and the acropolis Troulli, one can still see the signs of the ancient settlement, such as the houses, the paths, the water tanks as well as the byzantine fortress that loomed on the hill. The amphitheatre-like view of Rokka, the natural beauty of the gorge and the energy of the surrounding rocks make this archaeological area unique setting it apart from all others in Crete.



The local festival “GiortesRokkas” features a great celebration in villages, walks, places and nature, focusing on the highest expression of musical art, theater and culture.

Its goal is to create a holistic experience for the viewer by activating all his senses. Considering his personal experience, they invite him to explore the place and the people, to develop relationships and to return as a viewer, a friend or a participant.

This event gives life to this small area of Crete. Expect musical, theatrical, visual events and various educational activities and even an interesting combination between tradition and contemporary art – organized by the amazing locals of Rokka and Kera villages. Those people make “GiortesRokkas” what it is today.