Hop Αboard the ‘Meraki’

At Domes of Elounda we pride ourselves on offering our guests unmatched personalized activities that we have handpicked as we believe that each and every guest is unique.

One such activity is visiting Spinalonga, the islet that once housed a leper community. Steeped in a remarkably sad yet fascinating history, the mysterious islet of Spinalonga located just across the bay allows guests to embark on a unique journey across the magnificent azure waters on what can only be described as a truly memorable trip. Named the ‘Meraki’ which in Greek means having a sense of zeal and pride in any activity, we invite our guests to join us on this typical ‘kaiki’ type boat to sail across the sea and experience a Cretan seafaring tradition that dates back to the very dawn of time.

With the ‘Meraki’ tradition or national Greek characteristic evident in all of the personalized levels of services offered by all of our staff at Domes Of Elounda, as well as throughout Domes Resorts and Reserves, suffice it to say that this also extends to this very special excursion.

Hopping aboard the ‘Meraki, the boat’s captain is on hand to set sail to many unexplored aspects beyond the stereotypical beaches that most other such excursion sail to such as hidden beaches and coves or the secrets that the UNESCO-recognised historical island of Spinalonga has to reveal.

Our onboard team will ensure that the trip is made even more worthwhile, as they share a multitude of local surprises and fascinating facts. Make sure that you don’t miss out on this wonderful and iconic Mediterranean experience, tailor made to your wishes as the captain will happily steer the boat to anywhere that sparks your interest along the way.