If Reconnecting Is Your Thing, Find Out Why Domes Zeen Chania May Be What You’ve Been Searching For

As Hippocrates once famously said ‘everything in excess is opposed to nature’. Conceived and designed by Berlin based Lambs and Lions architects, Domes Zeen Chania artfully weaves into the beauty of its natural environment, for this is a resort where each and every service and amenity has a purpose and intent behind it. The result? A resort with a calming ambience and aesthetic that ultimately imbues its guests with a sense of balance and well-being.



Domes Zeen Chania describes itself as ‘A Head‐Turning Harbour of Slow Living’ and it really is just that: Modelled on the Greek concept of “Ef Zeen: the art of Living Well”, the resort is a beachfront sanctuary in which guests are given the physical and mental space to contemplate, reconnect, make lifelong memories and explore. This overwhelming sense of calm and comfort is evident upon arriving at the property into an oasis of tropical vegetation, banana, and palm trees. Accompanied by uninterrupted views over Chania town and the incredible colours of the Cretan sky as they change throughout the day, life is meant to be taken more slowly here, ensuring for an unforgettable summer vacation where each and every moment are sure to be cherished.