Ioannis Mitrakos – Apallou Bar Services Unique Bar Experiences

First established in 2005 in Thessaloniki with their eponymously named bar, Apallou Bar, Apallou Bar Services consultancy has partnered with Domes Resorts& Reserves in a collaboration to provide guests with a truly one-of-a-kind bar experience throughout all of the Domes Resorts & Reserves.

We recently caught up with Ioannis Mitrakos from Apallou Bar Services to talk about the philosophy behind the collaboration and what surprises lay in store for guests.


Can you describe the Apallou Bar philosophy that you applied in your collaboration with Domes Resorts & Reserves?

The philosophy behind our cooperation is entirely holistic – it began in 2005 in Thessaloniki and up until today is entirely People-centric. It was with this in mind that our collaboration with Domes Resorts & Reserves began. Our philosophy is entirely based on the Bartender – who we continuously train and transfer our knowledge to, who then go on to serve behind the bars of the Domes Resorts & Reserves. Our bartenders are our partners. Our aim is to transfer our experience to them, to equip them with everything they need so that they can satisfy the tastes of each customer. All this has made easy through the support and the common philosophy of our company with Domes Resorts & Reserves.


The resorts harmoniously combine local tradition with a relaxed, bohemian luxury hospitality experience. What are the elements you wanted to project through the strategy you implemented?

All the cocktail lists for each of the bars at the Domes Resorts & Reserves have been designed to highlight the products of each place (CreteCorfu) and to remind the customer that the “classics” will always be in full demand. We therefore train our people extremely well when it comes to classic cocktails such as such as Negronis, Manhattans, Margaritas etc. But ultimately, our collaboration is based on emphasising the difference between standard service and genuine hospitality. We want a customer-based approach which entails providing a unique experience combining the landscape with the flavours of the cocktail itself. We also wanted to create unique concepts so that the consumer can try something different (e.g. at the Tiki bar at Core, the Mediterranean Beach Bar at Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection) without forgetting the Flagship bar RAW BAR BY APALLOU at Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection.


Can you name typical products/ingredients from the islands of Corfu and Crete that inspired you when you were creating the bar and restaurant menus?

We use typical local products such as rosemary, kumquat, citrus fruits, local honey, basil, etc.


What cocktail would you suggest our guests try for an unforgettable experience?

I would definitely suggest the CRETAN OLD FASHIONED, the ZOMBIE at the Core Bar at Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection and of course the various APERITIVI & SPRITZES at all the Domes Resorts & Reserves.



What do you believe will surprise visitors at the Domes Resorts & Reserves’ bars most?

The combination of the unique beauty of the Greek landscapes of Crete and Corfu with that perfectly made classic cocktail, espresso or coldpressed freshly made fruit juice that they’ve been dreaming of…