Isabella Zampetaki Is The History Keyholder

Faithful to the local craftmanship and culture, the writer of “Handcrafted Crete”, Isavella Zampetaki pays homage to the blessed land of Crete Island and its warm-hearted people.

What is your favorite place?

My favorite place is the ancient theater of Aptera, a few kilometers outside the city of Chania. It is a beautiful place whose grandstands embrace the mountain of Lefka Ori, making you feel powerful and free. There has also a little surprise in store for those who dare to stand in the center of the ancient stage and utter a few words. I will never disclose it!



Are there any hidden corners in Chania?

You can see them at the narrow streets of the old town behind the Kastelli hill and in Splantzia. Secret corners are the impressive mansions along Nearchou Street and in Halepa. An idyllic cove to enjoy the sunset is the one of Tabakaria. Finally, the most dynamic addition to the city’s cultural scene is the excellent new Archaeological Museum.


Where would you recommend a first-time visitor to go?

I would suggest that he should walk the narrow streets of the old town and the entire beach front all the way to the Egyptian lighthouse very early in the morning, before even the city wakes up.



Which is your favourite beach?

My favorite place for swimming is the so-called Kouloura in Halepa. It is a natural pool surrounded by wild rocks where the residents of the neighborhood use to bathe. Without realizing it, you become part of the group while the children’s dives from the pier into the sea are absolutely instagrammable.