Katerina Makriyanni, Creator of the KM Jewelry, in Her Own Words

Discover what fuels this international jewellery designer’s creativity whose intricate beautiful designs can be found at Domes Resorts & Reserves.

Katerina MakriyianniKaterina Makriyanni’s love for the applied arts and her family’s legacy in the field of jewelry design and production led her to pursue specialized courses in design and engraving at the L’ Arti Orafe University in Florence. Since her debut at Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Maria Kastani as global brand ambassador, her unique pieces can be found on Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion, Lane Crawford, Browns Fashion in London, Boutique1 in UAE, On Pedder in Asia, Jill Wolf Jewelry in Switzerland as well as Domes Resorts & Reserves. Internationally acclaimed for her designs and craftsmanship, with her creations having been featured in magazines all around the world, we caught up with Katerina to discuss her jewellery and love of Crete.

Can you describe the connection between Chania and the pieces that you create which have been featured on the covers of magazines around the world?

Chania is the city I grew up in; it’s the city that I have chosen to live in, the city that I love. It inspires me every day and offers me a quality of life that I believe is reflected in each of my collections. I always look at the colours that are abundant in the nature that you find in Chania such as the intense greens with the amazing purple of thyme as inspiration. Cretan folk art provides an inexhaustible source of ideas as well as life in Chania itself – through its simplicity.


Domes Resorts & Reserves harmoniously combine local tradition with a relaxed, bohemian luxury stay and experience. What piece from your jewellery collections should guests at our resort definitely look out for?

The red lace fan earrings that that they can purchase from Domes Resorts & Reserves. Their design is inspired by Cretan folk embroidery; they combine Cretan art with the bohemian character of my red silk fan which is one of my characteristic designs. These earrings reflect the ambience of Domes Resorts & Reserves, namely simplicity, relaxation and luxury.

What are your favorite places in Crete that you would recommend visitors see?

Crete hides so many treasures – even the locals don’t know about them – and they all provide unique moments of relaxation, tranquillity and privacy. So beyond its famous sights such as Elafonissi, Balos, the Preveli Monastery, Kedrodasos etc., I would suggest the South of Crete, where you will discover pristine beaches which you can reach either by boat or on foot as well as picturesque villages that reflect the wildness of the Cretan landscape.

What are the signature elements in your summer collection?

As is the case with each of my collections, for my Summer 2021 collection I wanted to include my 2 great loves – the colour gold and other intense colours – this time in a different way. So, I created colourful silk beads in various shapes that are embraced by ornate bronze elements. The result is impressively coloured jewelry that is perfect for the summer months.


LacedFanEarrings@Domes Zeen


The red lace fan earrings are inspired by Cretan folk embroidery; they reflect the ambience of Domes Resorts & Reserves, namely simplicity, relaxation and luxury.

Your creations are characterized by a strong theatrical element that originates from your studies as well as Italian influences. What reactions do you receive from visitors from abroad to these types of pieces?

They’re really popular everywhere! In particular, visitors from abroad love the color and intensity of the jewelry. They want to stand out and wear special pieces. Visitors who buy my jewelry tend to know about my brand already – they are the type of person who wants to know about the designer behind the pieces themselves. They have a very high appreciation for the design process itself, craftsmanship and creativity in general.

Is there a piece of jewelry (from any one of the museums on the island, preferably) that you admire which you would have loved to have designed yourself?

The ring that once belonged to King Minos in the amazing Heraklion archaeological museum. It is unparalleled in terms of its aesthetics and technical perfection. It’s made of pure gold, a material I absolutely adore and features original engraved designs depicting Cretan nature and is exceptional detailed. It is one of my favorite designs because it is such a statement piece whilst being so simple at the same time, which makes it classic and definitely unforgettable.