Kiepos Kid’s Club is Designed for Your Children

Ιn addition to the enjoyment of discovering the fantastic destination, beach and Core, children have even more to do at the family – friendly Domes Resorts & Reserves.

At ΚiEPOS Kids Club, we strongly believe that holidays must leave children with both fun and educational memories. So, we create programs that fit their developmental needs and at the same time connect them with the destination and its unique characteristics. Experienced personnel that draw their inspiration from child-centered pedagogical models such as Montessori and Reggio pedagogy, have created thriving programs for each age group, developed in a way that fits the holiday mood and multi-cultural groups of kids.



Our main goal is to connect children and their families with the destination, the people, the local flavor and with each other. And we do it by maintaining a carefully prepared environment and an inspiring, well-trained personnel. 

This summer getaway will bring your family closer than ever and they will love you for it! It’s time to make it all worthwhile.

At KiEPOS Kid’s Club children can play individually within a well-organized environment of Montessori activities and thoughtfully chosen toys, or they can join a group and experience connection with other children through art, physical activities, exploration, and creative projects. They can express themselves in multiple ways and explore ways to communicate. 


Having a good time in our kid’s club means having several options to choose from daily, showing respect to different age groups, needs and cultures. We do our best to prepare, guide, and offer unique sensory experiences where children and families can feel comfortable and safe, get excited and have fun.

Our fresh vegetable gardens need tending! Children will get the chance to plant their own green, herbs & flowers as they learn about the cycle of life!

Teens are a special group, with a need to connect, socialize, and explore new challenges. We draw our inspiration from the human systems theory and offer activities, happenings and experiences that will satisfy this demanding age group. 



Extensive studies on Greek eating habits have scientifically found Greeks to have the healthiest dietary patterns and longest life expectancy! Greece’s geography and Mediterranean climate sustain some of the most diverse, quality produce. Organically grown over millennia as part of the culture, local vegetables include olives, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, green beans, okra, green peppers, and onions. Apricots, peaches, nectarines, and cherries are also delicious and highly nutritious fruits that can be found in abundance. Committed to nurturing eco conscious youngsters, Domes Resorts & Reserves introduces KiEPOS (Kee-pos<Greek<Garden). Plants are the answer and our fresh vegetable garden awaits our little growers to cultivate & decorate it! Children will get the chance to plant their own greens, herbs & flowers during their stay with us, always under the guidance of our experts. Having a hands-on, sensory experience will help illustrate big ideas like sustainability, eco – responsibility and healthy eating in a fun way that is easier for young ones to appreciate. Growing and watering veggies will teach responsibility. It will also be a great way to teach sharing with others, the importance of birds, how the ecosystem relies on little creepy crawly bugs to thrive and why it is in our interest to protect the cycle of life! Each plant will be labelled with the name of the little gardener who tended to it, so that after their departure they can expect an email with photos, to show at school, of how much their plant has grown! Α great green world awaits to be discovered at Domes KiEPOS!