Konstantinos Lazaris Continues Corfu’s Culinary History

Available at Domes Resorts & Reserves, Lazaris Distillery and Artisan Sweets are keeping the flavours and aromas of Corfu alive.

Made by hand, in small batches, Lazaris Distillery and Artisan Sweets produces liqueurs and Corfiot sweets that use the finest, purest ingredients, following age old traditions. We caught up with its owner Konstantinos Lazaris to talk about this pioneering company.



Can you describe the summers that you spent on the island of Corfu, just as you remember them from when you were a child? 

My childhood memories are filled with saltiness, playing games on the beach and feeling totally carefree. I would stay with my grandparents during the summer period and I remember the smell of my grandmother’s cooking, as well as the smells coming from the kitchens in the houses around us. I will never forget the taste of nougat or her kumquat jam – which she made herself – which she spread on hot bread everyday for breakfast.

Domes Resorts & Reserves harmoniously combine local tradition with a relaxed, bohemian luxury style of stay and innovative experiences. Can you tell us about an unexpected combination of your products that you tried at Domes Miramare, a Luxury Collection Resort, that surprised even you?

Our company’s goal is that our products be part of a daily diet and that they ultimately provide enjoyment. It really is amazing what chefs and bartenders have done with our products by experimenting with them and integrating our products into what they create. They know that what a visitor to the island really wants is a connection with the place they are visiting, and that is oftentimes through gastronomy. What the chefs and bartenders have achieved in this sense is so awesome that I can’t actually single out one example.


In our company, we respect Corfu’s traditional recipes – but we often experiment with new flavor combinations.

Do you remember a comment you received about your company’s trademark Lazaris Kumquat liqueur from a foreign visitor that really moved you? 

Before answering your question, I want to say – with regret – is that in recent years kumquat liqueur has become a somewhat low quality souvenir. The priority that myself and my team set ourselves is producing high quality products. We want to give the consumer the “real” taste of kumquat liqueur. So in answering your question, our customers’ reviews when they try Lazaris Kumquat Liqueur are excellent. First, the pleasure is imprinted on their face and then the excellent reviews compensate us for our hard work and honest attitude towards the consumer. And, of course we are very proud of the fact that our Lazaris Kumquat liqueur was the first kumquat liqueur to be awarded 2 stars for its quality and taste at the Athens Food Fine Awards 2021 (AFFA21) through the blind tasting process by a panel of experts.



 Are there any ingredients or new ideas that you and your team are experimenting with right now?

In our company, both in our distillery and in the confectionery workshops – we respect Corfu’s traditional recipes – but we often experiment with new flavor combinations. We recently created a new product that came onto the market, namely our two variations of kumquat chutney: one flavoured with rosemary and the other with anise. Our gin with kumquat notes is also ready to be released – we’re very proud of its fresh, aromatic and cosmopolitan character.

Where would you suggest that our guests visit to enjoy some of your delicacies so that they have a more complete experience of this magical island?

Our facilities are located near the Achillion. They house both the distillery and confectionery workshops, have ample parking facilities and are easily accessible. All of the facilities are open to the public. Visitors can watch the daily production while our experienced staff are on hand to explain even more information about the aromas and flavors of Corfu. We also offer a rich buffet where visitors can try all of our products. They can also try our products at the Lazaris Brand Stores – one is located in the heart of the Old Town of Corfu and the other is located on the road that takes you to Paleokastritsa, in Tsavros. Finally, I would like to add that our products are also available at other stores and restaurants that we partner with.