Launching the Green Way of Life at Domes KiEPOS

Agreat green world awaits to be discovered at Domes KiEPOS connecting children and their families with the destination, the people, the local flavor and with each other.

At KiEPOS Kid’s club children can play individually within a well-organized environment of Montessori activities and thoughtfully chosen toys, or they can join a group and experience connection with other children through art, physical activities, exploration, and creative projects.



We do our best to prepare, guide, and offer unique sensory experiences where children and families can feel comfortable and safe, get excited and have fun. We draw teens’ inspiration from the human systems theory and offer activities, happenings and experiences that will satisfy this demanding age group.

Committed to nurturing eco conscious youngsters, Domes Resorts & Reserves through KiEPOS (Kee-pos<Greek<Garden) will help illustrate big ideas like sustainability, eco-responsibility and healthy eating in a fun way that is easier for young ones to appreciate.