Learn All About the CORE, at the Domes of Corfu

At Domes Resorts & Reserves, our idea for a destination resort that is truly worth visiting goes far beyond luxurious accommodation, bespoke service and world famous natural beauty. We know that our guests are looking for an exceptional escape from the daily grind, and we keep finding new ways to deliver in spades,” explains Domes Resorts & Reserves Experience & Events Manager Elena Chatzibousiou.


At Domes of Corfu, Autograph Collection, Core is an invitation to explore; to feel; to experience; to discover. “We’ve named our CORE area ‘Spianada’, a nod to the bustling cultural hub in the heart of Corfu’s Old Town, and we’ve made sure it’s just as fun and intriguing,” the Group Experience & Events Manager informs us.

Tapping into the magic of a vibrant food market and hosting food trucks and snack stands, this is the place to be for exciting casual eats, from gourmet street food to authentic local bites crafted with organic ingredients from right on the island!


Moreover, watch this space to discover exciting young artists and the work of local artisans, try your hand at a fun arts-and-crafts workshop, or catch a live performance from one of the fabulous musical ensembles Corfu is renowned for.

Throughout the season, you’ll find a selection of exclusive pop-up shops and boutiques and enjoy the opportunity to explore a small but fascinating marketplace of fabulous, stylish goods, from clothes to toys and local crafts.

Don’t miss the chance to explore the vibrant landscape of Core – you’ll find a surprise around every corner.