Live the Domes of Elounda Experience

Τruly imaginative in every sense, our curated activities have been tailored to provide experiences that are simply out of this world.

Οffering stupendous views over the calm turquoise waters of the Mirabello Gulf and beyond to the islet of Spinalonga and its historic Venetian castle made all the more infamous by Victoria Hislop’s bestselling novel “The Island”, the landmark beachfront Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection majestically emerges from the hillside upon which it is built. Having redefined the essence of hospitality, and now standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest hotels in the world, this multi-awarded property promises nothing short of an exemplary hospitality experience. Based on the premise that no two guests are the same, we offer a myriad of unforgettable experiences. With a decentralised hospitality philosophy, we focus on providing a summer getaway based on your interests and desires, which is why we have prepared a diverse list of experiences for you to enjoy.




From our glorious opulent accommodations, fine dining, exclusive Spa treatments and an endless array of amenities and services, guests are guaranteed a memorable stay. However, we believe that a truly memorable vacation is based on so much more than that, which is why we have designed experiences to reflect the fact that Crete is a destination that really does have it all through bespoke activities that express the island’s tradition and history along with other more pampering, mind expanding experiences.


Sail to the tiny uninhabited islet of Spinalonga to discover its fascinating history.

For those seeking wellness, rest and relaxation, our on-site Soma Spa using Elemis products promises instant rejuvenation as well as digital detox packages where you’ll be inspired to reconnect with nature, relish the finer things in life and re-centre yourself. Then there are state of the art indoor and outdoor fitness facilities as well as yoga classes for those who expect the very best training facilities whilst on vacation, along with a plethora of sports activities. 

For guests who are seeking the very best in food and wine, looking fine tune their culinary skills as well as find out more about Crete’s culinary traditions and products, there are a plethora of Food Festivals and Workshops, BBQ nights, Minoan cooking classes, Traditional Pastry Cooking classes as well as Olive oil tasting. Excursions include boat trips as well as other excursions across the island. Other resort experiences include Cinema nights, aqua yoga as well as many activities geared towards children. Finally, CORE, the flagship of Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection’s signature lifestyle, offers bespoke experiences and activities, conceived to elevate the offering of our high-flying retreat ever higher.

Have you been finding it hard to take a step back and slow down? Technology might have its benefits, but frequent breaks from it can do wonders for the psyche. Your Greek vacation is an ideal time to treat yourself to a digital detox experience courtesy of Domes Resorts & Reserves. This one-day package is your exclusive pass to pure relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the online realm. Taking part in wonderful activities which include tasting a mood-enhancing breakfast, experiencing the laid-back serenity of a fishing trip and more will ensure you don’t miss your gadgets a single second.



World-famous for its flavourful produce and rich culinary traditions, Crete offers a cornucopia of opportunities to explore and savour the flavours, aromas and vintages of this iconic Mediterranean destination.

Experience the Mediterranean diet, right here in its birthplace, with a selection of food tours that take you on a journey through the mountains and villages of Crete. You’ll meet artisan producers and traditional farmers, you’ll learn about the island’s time-honoured culinary traditions, and you’ll sample a selection of field-fresh produce and authentically local foods, including freshly harvested honey and artisanal cheese.

Crete might now be known for its wine… but it should be! Discover the island’s millennia-long viticulture tradition and visit some of the island’s best wineries to sample a selection of wonderful wines made from the island’s indigenous as well we international grape varieties. Alongside the winery tours and wine-tasting, you can also choose to sample other local specialties including olive oil, Cretan cheese and local beer.

Join friendly local cooks and bakers and learn how to prepare your favourite Greek and Cretan dishes -from local specialties to well-known staples- using farm-fresh produce and superb local ingredients. The classes take place at fantastically authentic locations, such as farm kitchens and traditional villages, and come in a range of options for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans. Fun, versatile, and great for the whole family!

Witness the quaint beauty, vibrant traditions and breathtaking nature of Crete’s traditional villages. With plenty of gorgeous destinations in the region around Elounda, you can choose based on your specific interests, including scenery and photo ops, natural attractions, local crafts and culture, and history.



Visit the palace complex of Knossos to get a glimpse of life here thousands of years ago. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the grounds of the ancient palace and visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, with an experienced multilingual tour guide who will help bring ancient Knossos to life through stories, facts and anecdotes. Knossos is Crete’s foremost must-visit attraction, interesting -and fun!- for grownups and kids alike.

Sail to the tiny uninhabited islet of Spinalonga to discover its fascinating history, visit the medieval Venetian fort and wander the streets of the abandoned early 20th century leper colony. Sundrenched and steeped in history, this UNESCO World Heritage Site nominee has stories aplenty to tell, and you’re invited to discover them.

From adventurous morning excursions to romantic evening sails and everything in between and enchanting trips aboard traditional caiques, a boat tour is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a unique perspective of the island’s beauty and its many hidden treasures.

Enjoy a relaxing, slow-paced experience or lose yourself in gorgeous summertime romance as you cruise along the coast of Mirabello Bay, basking in the glorious sunshine as you visit gorgeous secluded beaches and discover the bay’s rich marine life.

From a touch of adventure to a taste of luxury, you’ll find just the thing in these motorboat and yacht tours. With smaller as well as larger vessels available, you can choose to visit nearby attractions -such as Spinalonga, Kolokytha beach, Mochlos village, or Chryssi Island– or treat yourself to a leisurely luxury cruise further afield with professional staff tending to your every desire.



Set sail for the soul of Crete with a uniquely authentic experience aboard the Meraki, a gorgeous traditional Greek caique. Fully modernised with care to retain every drop of authentic character, the Meraki is a favourite with celebrities and Alisters, and is a guaranteed unforgettable way to experience the crystal clear waters and stunning landscapes of Mirabello Bay.

Experience Crete’s wild natural beauty first-hand with guided hikes of some of the region’s top natural attractions, including Richtis Gorge and its stunning waterfall, part of a protected natured reserve and one of eastern Crete’s best known nature sights, and the strikingly narrow Sarakina Gorge on the island’s south coast.

Come find the beach of your dreams! With over 1000 km of coastline, Crete boasts numerous world-class beaches, and many of them are located near Elounda, including Voulisma, Vai, Kolokytha, Almyros, Ammoudi and Agriomandra. Talk to our concierge team for detailed directions or to arrange private transfers -and why not see our Discover Crete by Sea section for more options for reaching the island’s hidden treasures!

Discover eastern Crete’s beautiful monasteries and churches. Based on your specific interests, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to visit key religious sites, admire stunning religious art and artifacts, discover the island’s Venetian and Byzantine heritage, and learn about the region’s religious practices, history and traditions. 

Visit the CretAquarium, the Aquarium of Crete – Thalassokosmos in Heraklion, to discover the island’s magical underworld world and learn about the wonderful diversity of Mediterranean fish species and habitats, thanks to the aquarium’s exhibits, installations and cutting edge virtual tours. A fantastically fun -and playfully educational- experience for the whole family!

Enjoy splashing good fun in the sun at Waterparks! Kids of all ages -and their parents! – will love letting loose and enjoying a fantastic range of water games, rides and activities in the glorious Greek sunshine. From exhilarating to relaxing, Waterparks has just the thing for each of you!

Spend a day at Amazonas Park, surrounded by a host of exotic -and not so exotic- animals. This private zoo is home to numerous South American species, with a particular emphasis on parrots and monkeys, as well as to Mediterranean and local species, including goats, donkeys, and Barbary macaques from Gibraltar that just love to interact with humans!

Whether you have a favourite dinosaur or not, a day at Dinosauria Park is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Kids and grownups alike will learn about dinosaurs through the theme park’s exhibitions, games and activities. The park features numerous life-size dinosaur sculptures and skeletons as well as a collection of bones and fossils in a dedicated museum area.