Mediterranean Food at the 1962 By the Sea Restaurant!

Located in the seafront wing of the Domes Miramare, just find your way along the winding seaside pathways to a refined and relaxed patio where the water stretches into infinity starting with a rich, healthy buffet breakfast. Take your nutritious breakfast by the sea, and connect with the healing sound of the waves, starting your day with positive vibes and absolute rejuvenation!



And, then a creative, seasonally driven a la carte Med Menu follows. In this magical, endless blue setting, the restaurant invites you into an amazing journey of delicious plates, Mediterranean flavors, and local quality. Fresh, local, and organic ingredients compose a gastronomic piece of art, a wonder on your plate to pleasantly surprise one’s taste and most demanding cravings.

Welcomed like family, become initiated into the intricacies of Mediterranean, Greek, and Corfiot cuisine by the capable hands of our award-winning chef, Petros Dimas, who artfully cooks up a storm with stunningly fresh, local and organic ingredients, combining tradition with 21st-century food trends to create wonders on your plate.