Meet Ioannis Charalambous -the Domes Resorts & Reserves Spa Consultant

“WELLNESS is at the heart of the Domes Resorts & Reserves experience. At Soma Spas across the Group’s properties, the outstanding knowhow, scientific prowess and technology of world leader in spa beauty Elemis has been recruited to help create tantalizing, incredible relaxation and rejuvenation rituals that are customized to suit guest needs and preferences. We’ve also joined forces with modern apothecary brand CODAGE Paris, to create custom serum cocktails for an haute couture skin experience, and utilize iS Clinical pharmaceutical grade products to address skin concerns at a very high, medical-grade level,” explains Ioannis Charalambous, a Domes Resorts & Reserves Spa Consultant, Elemis Vice President of International Sales and Relia Director of Spa Development. “At Domes Resorts & Reserves, we take spa very seriously, and aim to help you improve your lifestyle, your skin and your whole understanding of wellness and wellbeing.” On offer are “treatments with real results for body and spirit that are simple and effective.” A select team of experienced spa professionals don’t just work with exceptional techniques but come equipped with an arsenal of highly specialized products and high-tech devices to deliver expert beauty and wellness protocols.

“Treatments are inspired by expert techniques from all around the globe and using products that are known for their efficacy, quality and decadence. I could go on and on about our fantastic facilities which are incredible but, for us, it’s the people that make the difference. In combination, these two can help you reach your ultimate wellness and skin health experience,” says Ioannis. In 2021, Soma Spas have launched a series of Signature therapies inspired by locality and years of expertise. “We are very proud to be offering treatments inspired by the flora of Crete and Corfu, and the medical practices of Hippocrates. Our Signature therapies extend to very carefully curated experiences that can benefit the level of your sleep, or offer targeted detox to restore equilibrium and trigger a more holistic lifestyle.”

Everything in this immersive spa concept is tailored to each guest. “All Soma Spas share a common philosophy which revolves around the guest. It is all about how you feel that specific day and time. Nobody is the same and no skin is the same. Therefore, we ensure that once you enter Soma Spa, we get to know what exactly fits your skin and wellness that specific day, time, moment, second… After all, our skin changes according to our lifestyle, with prolonged traveling, stress, bad sleep and so on affecting its appearance and health… At Domes Resorts & Reserves’ Soma Spas, we have an extensive portfolio of amazing treatments, from the Elemis BIOTEC Technology facials to the expertly choreographed Elemis Deep Tissue Massage or one of our Signature therapies inspired by the local flora and using techniques based on Hippocratic practices. I could go on and on, but you simply need to try them for yourself!”


Ioannis Charalambous


If there are two things that stand out from Ioannis’s enthusiastic discussion of Domes’ Soma Spa ethos is the constant attention to detail on the staff’s part, as well as the drive to never stop evolving and taking things to the next level. “Winter is a time for us to reflect and improve our services, our facilities and our offering together with the chosen global brands we have at Soma Spas.” The fruits of this hard work are reaped by delighted guests from around the world every summer. As for Ioannis’s recommendations, “Definitely try one of the Elemis BIOTEC Technology Facials at Noruz and Elounda. They are going to be the most advanced anti-aging facials you’ve ever had. As for our massages, try the Hippocratic Therapeutic Massage, offered at all Soma Spas. Or our CBD Relaxing Massage that focuses on easing inflammation and pain. However, the ultimate pick for the season for me is the Sleep Recovery Package that offers a 360 approach to wellness, body and skin, and helps you balance your body’s innate biological wisdom, to heal and regenerate!”