Meet the Dafnis Family who Produces Olive Oil on the Island of Corfu for Over 100 years

An enthusiastic “revolution” in olive oil production has led to the birth of the multi awarded Governor in 2010. Spyros and George, the proud descendants of Dafnis family, have driven their own successful route since then “marrying” tradition to the innovative technology.



What is your favorite place in Corfu?

Our favorite place on the green island of Corfu is the centuries-old olive grove of St. Matthew. It is truly a unique feeling walking among living monuments of nature, which over the centuries turned into living symbols of survival, progress and development of the local society.


Are there any hidden corners of Corfu?

The waterfalls of the Nymphs, Porto Timoni beach in Afionas and the islet of Vidos, opposite the Old Town. The picturesque villages of South Corfu that remind you of another era, the rare wetland of the Korission lagoon, with the unique cedar forest on the island and one of the few in Greece. Finally, the picturesque cantons in the Campiello area, where someone can joyfully be “lost”.


Where would you recommend a first-time visitor to go?

He/She should go to the Old Town with the unique architecture and the Spianada Square to enjoy a cup of coffee in the Liston area and pay a visit to the Museum of the Old Philharmonic and Agios (Spyridon). In Kanoni, he/she will find himself/herself for the “postcard” photo with Panagia Vlachernon and Pontikonissi. It is also worth visiting the unique palace in Greece dedicated to Achilles, Achilleo. And finally, our olive mill (aka The Governor’s Olive Mill), where the greatest productive tradition of the island meets the greatest success of productive extroversion.



Which is your favourite beach?

The answer is inextricably linked and interwoven with our carefree childhood memories, beautiful and carefree summers and our unique point of psychological relaxation for 30 consecutive years. No doubt, we are referring to Halikounas, the only strip of sand dunes between the Ionian Sea and the Korissia Lagoon. This is where visitors can easily consider themselves “protagonists” in the “Blue Lagoon”. In a world that runs at incredible speeds, it is incredible to still be able to find places, like Halikounas, where time seems to have stopped.