Meet Topos Executive Chef Dionysis Pliatsikas

Topos Executive Chef Dionysis Pliatsikas speaks to Domes Stories about his inspiration, what makes Cretan cuisine stand out, and the Topos approach to gastronomy – all building blocks of the acclaimed experience at this Domes Noruz Chania food and drink hotspot.

How would you describe the food at Topos restaurant?

With tradition, simplicity and love for the produce of our land as our tenets, we continue to explore and discover the values of Cretan cooking – but we also work to take our cuisine further, to enhance it without losing sight of the fundamentals. We love to share the results with diners. We use ingredients produced on Crete: olive oil, fresh vegetables, seafood, fish… I should note that seasonality defines the menu at Topos, so it’s not easy to be more specific in terms of the literal main ingredients of our success!



Have you gotten in touch with your suppliers? What are your favorite ingredients to use?

Our local suppliers are indispensable for us and our dishes. They are our lifeline, our connection to the Cretan soil and its products. At Topos, we make sure we only work with certified Cretan producers. Ingredients are equally important. It’s really hard for me to choose because there is no one ingredient that is more important than others. A humble “ofti” potato cooked on charcoal, an organic tomato, or even our sea salt from Balos beach are all unique and indispensable! When you place all three of these components on a plate, you get a masterpiece of flavor… with or without our exquisite olive oil!

Which flavors of Crete stand out for you?

I visit one of Chania’s farmers’ markets at least every week. I think that out all the stalls, I am drawn to the ones that sell many different varieties of wild Cretan greens. Some are sweet, others salty, or bitter, or aromatic… There’s an incredible wealth of flavors within this category of vegetable, and you can use them in all sorts of recipes – from pies to salads, cooked greens, in the pot or in the pan with meat or fish… literally everywhere!




Do you combine local and international ingredients in your cooking?

Because we focus on local and seasonal to deliver the best dishes possible, I try not to mix different cooking traditions with Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine, with the exception of our special events. However, our local producers themselves often experiment with new produce to cultivate in Crete, so we support their efforts by using their new products in our dishes.