Noruz: It’s a vibe!

If you’re looking for a vacation that combines luxurious design, top-tier cuisine, and incredible nightlife, look no further than Noruz, the newest lifestyle collection from Domes. Hailing from Chania, Crete Domes is set to open two new properties in Mykonos and on the Kassandra Peninsula of Halkidiki this summer! Crafted to enthrall the refined, city-dwelling explorer eager to connect with like-minded individuals and immerse themselves in the global party scene, Noruz offers a one-of-a-kind experience that flawlessly balances laid-back daytime events with an acclaimed clubbing scene at night.


Embark on a glamorous retreat to explore reputable party towns and cosmopolitan cultural hubs, and revel in an adult-only ambiance that exudes sensuality and tranquility in equal measure, all with just the right amount of sophistication and celebrity panache.
From the moment you set foot in Noruz, you will be transported into a world of trendy sophistication and unflagging attention to detail. Each exquisitely appointed suite is thoughtfully equipped with everything necessary for a truly luxurious stay, from mixology tools to create your own signature cocktails to extended en suite menus that cater to your every whim.


At Noruz, food isn’t just nourishment for the body; it’s a culinary journey that speaks to the soul. Immerse yourself in the fusion of traditional cuisine and fine dining at Topos Restaurant, where you can savor the essence of some of the most beautiful Islands in the Aegean. Experience an explosion of flavors at Raw Gastro Bar, where original cocktails crafted by mixologists are perfectly paired with eclectic raw gastro finger foods.
Let the warm, sun-kissed ambiance and chilled beats wash over you as you breathe in the salty coastal air and take in the breathtaking views. The Instagram-worthy and seductive pool is the centerpiece of Noruz, offering the ideal setting for sunset soirees. As dusk approaches, a familiar DJ you wouldn’t expect to find in such an intimate setting takes over the decks, setting the night ablaze before live music, chef battles, and fashion shows take center stage, popping off at any given moment.
Looking to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Noruz offers a wide range of body conditioning programs and sunrise yoga sessions that rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit and inspire you to achieve your summer aspirations. And for those seeking to revitalize after a night out, the award-winning Domes Signature SOMA Spa provides specialized post-clubbing detox sessions that restore your energy for the next round of festivities.


At Noruz, hospitality is an art form that is discreet, personalized, and anticipatory. The location experts and lifestyle managers are on hand to connect you with the best that each top location has to offer, whether you’re seeking to discover reputable party towns or cosmopolitan cultural hubs. Noruz is the perfect base for exploring everything that Chania, Crete, Mykonos, and Kassandra, Halkidiki have to offer.
In essence, Noruz is a celebration of the finer things in life, from the chic and laid-back ambiance to the gourmet food and expertly crafted cocktails. It’s a place where you can feel the energy and excitement in the air, where sophistication and hedonism are seamlessly interwoven, and where you can connect with others who share your passion for living life to the fullest. So, if you’re ready to experience the ultimate in luxury, design, and nightlife, don’t hesitate to book your stay at Noruz today.