Sora Beach Restaurant at Domes Lake Algarve Is Algarve’s Most Inviting New Spot

Inspired by the unique environment of the NATURA 2000 – protected sand dunes of Praia de Falésia, right in front of our Domes Lake Algarve, a new spectacular culinary project was born.

Sora Beach offers a sophisticated and contemporary take on Algarvian cuisine while staying true to traditional flavors and products. Sora Beach Restaurant brings an immaculate oceanfront setting to the table, perfect for soaking up sunny days with family and friends. With funky, laid-back vibes, this restaurant mixes vibrant oceanfront decor with the elegance of fine dining, blending them seamlessly into one of the most elegant settings in Praia de Falésia.



Sora Beach’s top-tier creations are built on local traditions and ingredients typical of Portugal’s southernmost region, as well as on international fusion techniques that pay tribute to different ingredients found in Portuguese gastronomy. Our masterful chef Vitor Moreira paints a perfect picture of flavors and aromas through every one of his creations. At SORA, the ambiance is full of life, with its high-spirited team catering to your every need and creating memorable moments of indulgence.



A series of vibrant DJ sets and events are part of the restaurant’s agenda, aiming to provide a multisensory dining experience. SORA emanates a refined allure, showcasing the seamless pairing between authentic Algarvian hospitality, signature Domes elements, and a laid-back luxurious aura.