Spianada Offers An Authentic Street Food Experience

Corfu has always been fertile ground for surprises. A stunningly designed Domes Group food corner at the Domes of Corfu has brought an unexpected experience in food and entertainment, spreading its magic to all. Spianada invites visitors to leave their problems behind and taste magical drinks, creative street food in an attractive setting that sets the tone for unique moments.


After all, Spianada is a word that refers to the famous landmark of the island of Corfu. It is a large public space, a sprawling esplanade-cum-park that stretches along the seafront of Corfu’s old town across from the Old Fortress. Since its creation by the Venetians and completion by the French in the early 19th century, Spianada has been the bustling hub of Corfu’s social scene and cultural life, the place to be for everything new and exciting.

A superior venue

Named for this beloved Corfiot landmark, Spianada at Domes of Corfu recreates the buzz of a vibrant cultural hub and busy food market right on the beach. It is complete with food trucks and snack stands that serve up delicious gourmet street food, authentic local bites, meze and a variety of fun treats and drinks.

Meticulously put together down to the smallest detail, the food options served here complete this exhilarating journey with interesting flavors and memories interpreted in a creative contemporary style.