The First Zante Half Marathon Will Make You Run to Visit Zante Island

We announce another reason why you should run to Zante island. The Social Cooperative Enterprise “Athlorama” has taken the initiative to organize the first Half Marathon on September 3, 2022 in the context of strengthening cultural events and local society. Aiming to contribute to the local development of the island with sports actions/events and improve social activity in terms of team sports, the first Zante Run represents a model of mass sports that apart from personal exercise, it also boosts the Sports Tourism of the island.



Passing through the most notable locations of the Town, the goal is to establish a social action connected with the running movement, which will keep active with constant improvement and audience anticipation. The prospect is to establish a running race event, in a festive atmosphere, for young and old participants giving everyone the opportunity to experience the beautiful island in a different and unique way!