The Green Promise of the Soma Spa

Αt the Domes Zeen Chania Jungle Spa, the whole experience has more than wellness to offer to its guests.

At this signature Domes spa, they prioritize safety and efficacy when choosing their spa products, therefore they ensure that all their brands make use of natural and clean ingredients, that are formulated with integrity and are sourced ethically respecting the environment.

Have in mind that all the products are paraben free and formulated with no use of harmful ingredients for the skin. Domes’ team also opts for vegan formulations where possible, from natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, in recyclable packaging.



As a Wellness brand at SOMA Spas, they firmly believe that they have responsibility to the health of your skin and its environment. To minimize their impact, they ensure the minimum use of water within their treatments, and the use of the minimum disposable materials, that are mostly biodegradable or fully recycled.

In fact, Domes people are taking small steps for now, but they are committed at ensuring both the health of their guests and the environment.

Finally, the rituals of the spa treatments and methods of the ancient Greeks, are combined with the most recent healing techniques and results oriented products, to bring the balance of your body.

This is why they invite you to exit the outside world, and achieve a spiritual sensation in each of the spa areas you might choose to escape in a truly green approach, through elegance, expertise and natural, active ingredients.