The Olive Legacy: Constantinos Valaes at Domes Miramare on 20th August

The Olive Legacy: Constantinos Valaes at Domes Miramare on 20th August

In the heart of the Ionian Sea lies Corfu Island, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Poised to host a unique celebration of art at Domes Miramare, this picturesque island with its Venetian, French, and British influences, has been a muse to many artists throughout the ages. Now, it prepares to welcome the distinguished hagiographer, painter, and sculptor, Constantinos Valaes on 20th August.

Constantinos Valaes

The echoes of authentic Greek heritage

Known for his deep reverence for the olive tree, “VALAES” artwork embodies its iconic imagery and symbolism, which resonates profoundly with Corfu’s own olive groves that dapple its landscapes. Over the past decade, he has fashioned sculptures of olive trees using copper and bronze, drawing parallels between the island’s historic significance and the olive tree’s rooted presence in ancient Greek culture.

His masterpieces, acclaimed by prominent figures globally, will now grace Corfu, harmonizing with its diverse cultural backdrop. In 2009, with unwavering familial support, Constantinos birthed the “VALAES” brand, joining forces with his sons, Panagiotis and Aggelos. Together, they navigate the confluence of age-old tradition and fresh perspectives, much like Corfu itself.

“VALAES” stands as a beacon of Greek culture and spirit. By harnessing the emblematic olive tree as their muse, they’ve made their mark in significant art exhibitions and cultural events not just in Greece, but globally. Their sculptures, infused with elegance and distinction, encapsulate the very soul of Greek heritage.

This showcase at Domes Miramare on 20th August offers attendees a multi-layered experience – an immersion in the world of art, the legacy associated with the olive tree, and the timeless charm of Corfu Island. Through their works, Constantinos Valaes and his lineage invite us to traverse a journey that intertwines the allure of the olive tree with Corfu’s rich cultural heritage.

Event Details

Date: 20/8 

Location: Dome Miramare’s Lobby Area