The Second Annual Sagres Surf Film Festival in Algarve Comes to Celebrate the Surfing Culture of Portugal Through Art


Listening to the sound of the waves and the sea calling for moments of excitement, surf lovers accompany their boards on the water of Algarve beaches. The ritual following that moment is the very core of the creation of the Sagres Surf Film Festival. Two kinds of art combined in the same place on earth praising the feeling of freedom and harmonious connection of the man and the sea.

The first annual Sagres Surf Film Festival took place from the 19th-20th of November in Sagres centre (Pavilhao Multiusos) and now the second comes to stimulate even more “clean waves” for the surf afficionados. Nature and the coastline’s strong energy is transformed into a celebration of the surf culture and a gathering for the local and international surf community.

Honoring and protecting what makes Sagres and the whole Algarve a world-famous surf mecca, the creative festival is one more reason to visit the Portugal’s part of the “Ocean with its first-class waves”.