Those are the Zante Signature Spa Therapies!

Inspired by the flora of Zante, the fertile land of our island, the Greek mythological Gods and the therapeutic practice of Hippocrates.


The Zante Herbal Spa Journey 75’ | €130

Along with Flowers, Zante is rich other types of flora such as herbs and numerous varieties of trees. This Spa journey has been inspired by the reinvigorating essence of Basil, the calming feel of Rosemary and the soothing power of Chamomile. Starting with a relaxing full body massage with a blend of local aromatic herbs, and rounding up with a face cleansing and hydration touch, that transfers your body to a complete state of wellness and ease.


Zakynthos Strength The Mythology Spa Massage Ceremony 90’ | €150

According to mythology Artemis the goddess of hunting used to wander the island of Zakynthos, enjoying the woods as these were ideal for hunting. It is also claimed that her brother Apollo played his lira under the trees, to enchant the island and make it more beautiful.

Taking inspiration from Artemis’s immortality and healing powers, this Spa Massage Ceremony uses a blend of calming herbs that grown in the lands of Zakynthos. A muscle stiffness relief massage sequence, that focuses on aches and pains and helps relax and recharge the body at an optimum level.

A nurturing experience, that feels “right” to the body, coordinated to your needs at that specific day and time. This ritual begins with a thorough exfoliation of the body, using a Carob Body scrub inspired by our land’s richness in Carob Trees that make a great superfood alterrnative to sugar and sweeteners.

Hippocratic Therapeutic Massage 60’ | €105


This Massage Ritual is based on the Massage Principles of Hippocrates, an advocate of Massage. Hippocrates referred to massage as friction or rubbings, and that it should have the effect of relaxing, constricting, thickening and thinning.

With a healing approach this massage focuses on Head & Neck as the crown of the body, feet as the base of the body and the abdomen, center of the body aiming to a healthier system, through targeted detox and cleansing. An all rounded therapeutic experience, that begins with dry brushing of the body and ends with a mist of Kefir Tea water to awaken the senses.