Unveiling the Epicurean Delights of Makris Athens

Prepare your senses for a culinary journey like no other as the highly-anticipated arrival of Makris Athens finally opens its doors. This is a gastronomic experience that promises to captivate the most discerning of palates with its exquisite culinary offerings, curated by the gifted Chef Petros Dimas.


Hailing from the region and a true visionary in Greek-Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Petros is an expert in crafting multi-Med degustation wonders that will elevate your senses. He works his magic with only the freshest and locally-sourced organic ingredients, ensuring that every dish is a celebration of the season’s latest offerings from choice farmer’s markets.

Makris restaurants are already an established culinary force, with celebrated locations in Corfu, Elounda, the Algarve, and Milos. The restaurant blends the identity of Makris with the unique landscape and architecture of each region, providing a unique setting for every dining occasion. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted with an ambiance that sets the tone for the surprises that lie ahead.
In true Makris fashion, each dish is carefully paired perfectly with wines sourced from both well-known regional labels and up-and-coming producers, enhancing the flavors and creating a harmonious meal.



The ever-changing menu is a reflection that showcases Chef Petros’ creativity and skill, ensuring that every visit to Makris is a new and exciting adventure. This is a dining experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression, a true celebration of Greek- Mediterranean cuisine. Makris Athens is now open and ready to welcome you to indulge in its exceptional cuisine, so book your table ahead of your next visit to the city and prepare to experience the magic.