Using Only the Finest Fresh Produce, Indulge in the Delights of Gourmet Cretan Delicacies

Let us serve you ingenious renditions of rustic recipes and treat your taste buds to something new at every sitting.

With DOMES NORUZ Chania, Autograph Collection’s distinct culinary identity, serving up a range of tasty treats, from haute cuisine fusion gems to the freshly-picked fruits of the island of Crete, marvel at the culinary ethos of the resort: superb ingredients, precise techniques and a healthy dose of creative flair. Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection’s stylish bars will also treat you to no end. Take your pick from creative menus and enjoy your beverage of choice while marvelling at fiery sunsets and sample signature cocktails concocted by award-winning mixologists Apallou. Add a crisp finish to your evenings as you cool down with low-alcohol spritz delights in the crystalline waters of your private pool. Choose unaltered organic wine pairings making use of local, ancient vineyards that fit the meal, the hour, the mood, where each sip complements the sensory experience that is Domes!

Dive into a gastronomy experience that takes the authentic ingredients of Crete and utilizes them in innovative dishes.

TOPOS Domes Noruz Chania, Autograph Collection’s signature restaurant Topos takes Cretan cuisine to new heights with both traditional and more experimental dishes. With its seaside location, muted colour palette and glorious views, Topos offers a compact yet highly original menu showcasing top-quality ingredients which when combined, produce dishes that ooze creativity, bright flavours and enticing aromas. All this is served by attentive staff, while our sommelier is eager to advise on excellent wines from the wine list featuring over 160 select vintages, the vast majority of which are sourced from local wineries such as Manoussakis, Karavitakis, Douloufakis, Lyrarakis, et al.


RAW With the pool on one side and the Aegean on the other, we can’t say that there’s a better place to enjoy a perfect cocktail or sushi while watching the sun as it sets dramatically over the sea. Let our skilled and experienced mixologists prepare you an out of this world cocktail, just let them know what kind of mood you’re in and your preferable tastes and they will do the rest! Whether you try something new or you stick with your usual sushi favourite, the result will definitely pleasantly surprise you!


N BAR Achingly sleek, the N Bar is the inside bar serving up classic renditions of old favourites and new exciting discoveries.